Current Projects
Direct3D 9 Tutorials in C++Completely re-written based on feedback I've received about the DirectX 8 tutorials. These tutorials are designed to be the best Direct3D tutorials on the internet.
Direct3D 9 Tutorials in .NetDirectX9 tutorials using Managed DirectX and .Net. Both C# and VB.Net are covered.
dhFPSTimerA simple class to track FPS (frames per second). It tracks minimum, maximum and average FPS. It can create a Game Gauge 2.0 style log file, or you can poll it to see the current stats. Designed to be API independant, you can use it with any version of DirectX, OpenGL or any other API.
Version 2.0
Older Projects
Direct3D 8 TutorialsThis is the spiritual companion to NeHe's OpenGL tutorials. In addition to the NeHe-inspired tutorials there are a number of other tutorials designed to show how various Direct3D features are used.
dhSimpleMeshThis is a simple wrapper for Vertex Buffers in Direct3D8. It's not meant to be high performance, it's meant to make prototyping and demoing a little quicker and easier.
Version 1.2
dhEngineA simple Direct3D Wrapper. It encapsulates a lot of the startup/shutdown code used in my tutorials. Newer Direct3D8 tutorials will use this class. It's in a very rough state with minimal inline docs.
Version 0.4
dhFastFontQuickly renders text using a pre-made font bitmap. It's fast and looks nice. Designed for Direct3D 8. A DX9 version is available as well. Version 0.4
Doodle InvadersA simple 'game' designed to show how a game can be built. It's a 2D-style game written with Direct3D8 (DirectGraphics). It uses my dhEngine (above) to take care of the startup/shutdown and other minor annoying details.
MiniImageA cut-down version of FreeImage for those who don't need support for a lot of different image formats.