0.4 - April 9, 2002

A simple Direct3D Wrapper. It encapsulates a lot of the startup/shutdown code used in my tutorials. Newer D3D8 tutorials will use this class. Currently it's in a very rough state with minimal inline docs. This will change.

My choice to use this in my newer tutorials is to shift focus on to the new elements being explored. This way the tutorial code does not have to include all the startup and shutdown and initialization that they all need.

Example Features
  • Startup/Shutdown of D3D8
  • Tracks Renderstates & Texture States to reduce redundant calls & clean up debug spew
  • Lame but simple sprite support
  • Added Z-Buffer support (void SetZBuffer(bool p_zb))
  • Sets a default View & Projection Matrix automatically
  • Added BuildDefaultPerpectiveMatrix()
  • Log() that writes to debugger & a log file
  • Tons of other stuff, see the header file for a change log